This, Too, Shall Pass

I hate being sick.

For whatever reason, I’ve managed to get a cold that I should’ve shaken by now, yet it hangs on and on.

I also have a swollen lymph node…ON MY ELBOW.  I had no idea there were even lymph nodes on the inside of my elbows.  But there are.  And it hurts.

This could be because I have a small wart-like blister on my wrist that won’t heal.  The lymph node is the one nearest the blister, so it swelled up.  I know I need to go to the doctor, but it’s so much cheaper to play “Doctor” by going on the internet to self-diagnose various ailments I could be suffering from.  Who needs med school when I have Web MD?

The biggest bummer to being sick is the feeling that I’m going to stay this way.  In my head, I know this to be false, but it’s hard to think your way beyond the crummy way you feel at the moment.

Plus, I married into a family that considers sickness as an inconvenience: in their minds, if you’re sick, you’re clearly inconveniencing others around you by lying around doing nothing.  (Then they wonder why I’m not anxious to spend time with them.)  And without insurance, I feel doubly guilty that the cash we have to give to the doctor could be spent on other things.

Ultimately, I need to call on Jehovah Rapha, the source of all healing, and claim my health back.  But boy, it’s hard to offer up sincere praises when you feel like crap.


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